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Resolution: Respect My Body

Lynna Malloy

Respect my body: a resolution to grant myself grace and change my mindset for the long haul.


This one has taken the most effort for me to write. It’s the most personal. I spent a lot of time deliberating what I was comfortable sharing. And likely, after this, you’ll hear very little on this resolution from me. In the spirit of fairness and posterity, though, here it is.

One day, when my 31 year old neck was hurting and I was lying flat on the floor to stretch, I was hit with the world’s most damning question. Should I be blessed with another 40-50-60 years of life, is my neck going to hurt like this for all of them?  Because, that is just not cool. How can I stop this? Is it something I can control? What do I want to be able to do when I’m 70? How can I get myself to that fruitful, active day as a 70 year old?



This resolution is two-fold in changing my mindset.

Part one is the hardest: believing that my current body is capable of doing a lot of hard things and deserves some serious credit. It’s not a “good enough” mentality, but a grateful mentality. I am capable of getting out of bed each morning on my own two feet. I am capable of many things. And for my physical abilities I am grateful.

Part two: focusing on longevity rather than instant gratification. I’m not invincible. My body will eventually wear out, but I need it to last me for awhile longer. The food I eat tastes really good right now, but will likely cause me a great deal of dismay in a few hours (or 25 years in the form of plaque in my coronary arteries). I know what I have to do. It’s just a matter of doing it.

Exercise and movement are proven to increase brain power and longevity. Brain fog dissipates and you can learn more quickly. It is proven to improve your neuroplasticity. And it doesn’t have to be hard exercise. But if it’s challenging or new and you have to use your brain when moving your body, the benefits are exponential. So this will help with my other two resolutions as well! They’re all intertwined. They all start with me.


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