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Resolution: Rescue the Cro-Jo / Learn New Skills

Lynna Malloy

Rescue the Cro-Jo: a resolution to make something new, challenging and intentional. Fast fashion is walking out the door. In 2021, I’m bringing the brain power and the magic.


It’s been a really long time since I’ve crafted with yarn and have not been able to exactly predict the outcome. Cocky? Well… I have some serious skills. Sorry, not sorry. 

Crocheting and getting from start to finish stopped being exciting. I had a product line; pieces that I carefully selected. Products that I skillfully created from scratch. But after making 27 (or 199) of the same thing, the zest was gone.

The problem was not the lack of physical or emotional challenge. The problem was that the crafting required very little of my brain. I was drifting through the process. Because of the drift, I lost focus, excitement, and inspiration.



My resolution for the new year came to fruition with the idea: If I could do one thing each month that stretches my brain and improves my baller skills, the cro-jo shall return. Something I’ve never done. Something that I might not ever consider doing otherwise.

Just like reading books, I relied upon all the smart people I know to inspire me. I took recommendations and suggestions. I’m hoping to explore different crafts. And I’m hoping to use my crafting to force myself into people’s homes … Hey Mom, can I use your sewing machine???



Sweater Sunday. You might be asking yourself, where the heck did that go? Well, honestly, the sweater is just another victim of the missing cro-jo. The beginning was hard. Especially the math :) But, after I figured the math and did the first few rows, it was a lot of the exact same thing - over and over, inch after inch. The cardigan is on hold and might be for the rest of time. I’ll let you know if I change my mind.


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