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Resolution: Knowledge is Power

Lynna Malloy

Knowledge is Power: a resolution to read more books. The whole story is here. Let me warn you, it's a wild ride.


In 2020 I set out to read one non-fiction book each month; 12 books for the year. Totally reasonable! Well, it turns out one of two things happens:

  1. The selected non-fiction book is suuuuuper boring.
  2. The non-fiction book is suuuuuper inspirational and one giant call to action.

My carved out reading time was just before bed. With outcome #1 I would fall asleep. About half way through the month I’d realize only 25 pages of the super boring book had been read.  And then with outcome #2 I would be up all night, feeling so inspired, thinking about all the things I was going to do the next day. Enter crazy exhaustion, inability to complete inspired tasks, followed by guilt and frustration. Suffice to say, neither the boring, nor the lovely non-fiction books got me very far.



In December, I tried to figure out why I “failed.” This sounded like a genius idea at the beginning of the year. Aside from all the hard things of 2020, there was ample free time for me to read, read, read. I asked myself, why did I even set this goal? 

Answer: I wanted to read, because all the smart people I know read. A fake it ‘til you make it sort of deal.

It turns out that when you haven’t read anything but textbooks and scientific journals for the last 12 years, though, reading for the fun of it, takes some muscle flexing. In 2021, my goal is to read some books. Any old book will do. For years I learned a ton from smutty TV shows, who’s to say Nicholas Sparks can’t teach me something?



And guess what, I reached out to all those smart people I know and asked what their favorite books of 2020 were. Only one of them told me a non-fiction book. Ha! Who’s the smart person know?

This year, I’m getting my mind right before jumping into the heavy non-fiction. I can’t wait to hear what you’re reading -- leave me a comment below.

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